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  • Does everyone need to have home insurance?

    Many mortgage lenders insist on buildings insurance but contents insurance is optional, likewise if you rent its normally your choice whether you want to protect the contents of your rented accommodation.

  • Why should I not just use a cheap comparison site/aggregator?

    Many of these sites will strip out valuable benefits in order to drive the cost down, others will put clauses in the small print which may be problematic when it comes to a claim. The unfortunate situation is with home insurance that you select yourself you have no recourse should the policy fall short of what you “think” you have bought.

  • Is accidental cover worth the extra money?

    Its really down to your own situation, whether you have kids, whether you home is a regular party venue. Its worth getting a quote with and without just to see the difference.

  • Are all policies not the same?

    This is a popular misconception and couldn’t be further from the truth, a policy through ABC Co which is underwritten by say Zurich, or Legal and General is not the same as a policy though XZY Co which is underwritten by say Zurich or Legal and General. ABC may only payout on half of the things that XYZ would pay out on. Just because they are underwritten by the SAME insurer doesn’t mean it’s the same policy.