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  • Am I guaranteed to get cover?

    A Yes everyone over the age of 50 is guaranteed to get cover regardless of current or past health, BMI or smoker status

    This means you never need to reapply for a policy. The premium rates will not increase due to age or personal circumstances if you opt for guaranteed premiums.


    Over 50’s Guaranteed – If you are living in the United Kingdom and are age fifty to eighty-five, then you are eligible for Over 50’s life insurance. You do not need to pass a health exam or answer a long list of intrusive questions about your lifestyle to qualify for an Over 50’s life insurance policy. You automatically qualify because of your age. Many people in the UK don’t understand that they automatically qualify for Over 50’s life insurance and never find out how easy it is to apply regardless of ill health.

  • Will my payments go up?

    Most of the plans have guaranteed premiums meaning that they will remain the same for the life of the plan, likewise the sum assured is fixed once any deferred period is passed

  • Can I chose to use this for funeral cover?

    The purpose of the plan can be for anything, we can even help you write your plan into trust to allow you to nominate a beneficiary on the policy to avoid any issues or unnecessary time delays in the event of a claim.

  • Will the plan always pay out when I die regardless of my age?

    Many plans will stop colleting premiums when you reach 90 years old, however the plan will still pay-out if you were to die after age 90