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  • Am I too young to start a pension?

    Absolutely not! When it comes to any form of saving or investment the earlier the better – This allows compound interest (interest on interest) to really have a massive positive effect. It also allows you to take slightly more risk (if applicable) as you have potential to recover from losses over longer terms. The earlier you start the less painful the process of saving may be!

  • Am I too old to start a pension?

    Since the pensions freedom act in 2015 things have changed massively on how you can take your income into retirement. Essentially there are far more options, and just by creating a tax efficient pension fund (as your money goes it) this can allow you to make tax efficient plans with your adviser for when you are drawing your money out.

  • How do I know I'm doing the right thing?

    Setting up the pension is just the beginning, its important that as you move through your working life and toward your retirement that your funds are invested in a way which reflects your needs and risk profile. As such regular reviews (annually) provide a good opportunity to look at the fund and how it has performed, then discuss the goals and objectives of the plan while making any changes necessary to keep you on track.

  • How much should I pay into my pension?

    This is dependent on a few key areas – Your age, your attitude to risk, you required income in retirement, your chosen retirement age, your state pension entitlement etc. This can all be very confusing, but is a prime reason as to why an adviser is pivotal to managing both your expectations and your goals.