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  • I only have one old pension is it worthwhile?

    Just because you only have one “frozen” pension doesn’t mean its not worth while looking at, you may finds that the fees are high or the fund is invested in areas that don’t match your current risk profile as this might have changed since the last review you have had – If in fact you actually have regular reviews.

  • Can I add all my old pension pots together?

    This is one of the main reasons why people look for a pension review, to simplify everything by consolidating the pensions into a new offering, you can also contribute regular premiums to this to help you move towards your retirement goals.

  • Can I transfer out of my NEST or NOW auto enrolment (AE)?

    As of April 2018 you can’t transfer out of your AE pension, it may mean that by setting up a new pension you can top up the AE as it may be unlikely to provide you with the options that you would like, however as your employer will be making contributions it makes sense to discuss the implications with one of our financial advisers

  • Can I still take tax free lumps sum from the new pension?

    Yes. However It’s important that the transfer only takes place if its in your best interests, if its cost effective and also if you are not losing valuable benefits by transferring out of existing plans. Your financial adviser will assess all of these things as well as asset allocation, fees, performance and projections before recommending your best course of action – Which may be to remain where you are.